New Client Packet: Therapy

Contact us before completing and submitting a new client packet


There are several forms that make up the new client packet that you will need to complete. We have tried to make this process as easy as possible by having our forms available to complete online below. If it is difficult for you to complete the paperwork online, please contact us.

NOTE: all of our forms ask for your email, typically as the first question. This is done so that a copy of your responses and completed forms can be sent to you immediately for your records.


The New Client Packet
Massachusetts Residents

Click/Tap the links below and complete each form:


The New Client Basics form
(basic information–name, address, email, etc.)


The New Client Intake Questionnaire
(what brings you here—for MA residents)


The CREARTH Policy Statement Notice for MA Residents
(that you understand them and agree to them to review and sign)
>>> Click/Tap to download the CREARTH Policy Statement, Privacy Notice, & HIPAA Statement


The Agreement for Services form
(to review and sign)


Thank You!