Creative Arts – Health & Healing


Bring meaning to your life through the creative arts!


The creative arts are significant and integral parts of healing and health. Expressive and creative arts allow us to examine ourselves, our lives, and our direction using all our senses. Through the creative arts we are able to connect—with ourselves and with each other—to process our journey and our experiences, gain insight, heal, and grow.


It doesn’t matter if you have experience in an arts area, such as formal schooling and a degree, taking classes, or years of a hobby or craft in which you have developed a level of skill—or if you have no formal training in the arts but love to listen to music, love to dance, or draw and paint, love reading mysteries, sew, practice meditation or mindfulness, secretly write poetry that no one reads.


Join us!


Explore your creative arts practice. Let the arts be your anchor; your shelter from the storm; a route to calm, peace, and insight; your authentic voice; an essential part of the meaning we give to our experiences; a tool for health and growth.


Discover the transformative and healing power
of creative self-expression!


Creative Arts Areas

  • Expressive writing
  • Journaling
  • Storytelling
  • Music and soundscapes
  • Visual arts
  • Body-Mind-Spirit
  • Culinary arts and cooking
  • Language arts (written, spoken, sung)
  • & more!


Session Options

Individual and group sessions are offered (depending upon the arts area of focus) via video, telephone, messaging, and in combinations. Sessions are offered weekdays and also in the evenings and on weekends to accommodate busy schedules.


Contact us to schedule your time!



Visit our Ambient Soundscapes & Library where you can listen to and download guided meditations, sounds of nature, mindfulness teachings, world music, & more.




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CAVEAT: Although R.P. O’Brien has received her Intermodal Creative Arts Facilitator (ICAF) certification from CELA – The Center for Expressive Living & Creative Arts in 2011, and although the expressive and creative arts work done through Creative Arts Therapy & Integrative Care (CREARTH) non-clinical services and supports can be healing and transformative, these non-clinical supports and services are not offered or provided as therapy of any kind nor as expressive or creative arts therapy.

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