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Bilateral Stimulation for anxiety & depression



For Relaxation


For Pain Management (physical pain)


Compassion & Self-Compassion


Mindfulness  |  about mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh


Jon Kabat-Zinn


Moving & Motion

Tai Chi

Leia Cohen – Tai Chi 5 minutes a day

A series of 5 simple and soothing videos for beginners and the more advanced to help manage and reduce stress while mindfully refocusing our thinking and awareness onto ourselves, our bodies, and the positive energy of the present moment. Each video is approximately 5 minutes long. There is an additional video that puts them all together in sequence equalling a full 40-minute Tai Chi workout.






Workouts (in alphabetical order)


expanding Horizons

Dr. Wayne Dyer


Loretta LaRoche


Playing for Change


Sounds & Soundscapes

Binaural/Bilateral Music

Binaural/Bilateral music is music with a beat that pans between left and right to relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc. as well as depression. (Learn More About Binaural/Bilateral Music.)  Remember: you must listen to this type of music wearing headphones or earbuds or else it won’t work.


White Noise


Sounds of Nature


Native American


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