Therapy sessions are provided by email, telephone, video conferencing, in-person, and in combinations


CREARTH offers need-based reduced rates including sliding fee scales, scholarships, and limited availability pro bono (no charge) sessions. Please contact us to discuss our individualized payment options.


Individual Sessions

All initial individual sessions must be conducted via telephone, video, or in-person. The first session is typically 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions can be scheduled for 60 or 90 minutes.


Individual Session Rates (in-person, telephone, video)

  • $120 for one 60-minute individual session
  • $150 for one 90-minute individual session
Contact us to discuss individualized payment options.


Group Sessions

Please contact CREARTH for information about group sessions and group session rates


Email Sessions

Initial email sessions are synchronous and must be conducted via telephone, video, or in-person. Synchronous and non-synchronous email sessions can be scheduled following the initial session.


Email sessions are NOT for emergency situations.
CREARTH does not provide crisis and/or emergency services.

Click here for links to emergency support services


Synchronous Email Session Rates

Email sessions that are synchronous are timed and scheduled in the same way that in-person | telephone | video sessions are timed and scheduled.

  • $120 for one 60-minute session (synchronous)
  • $150 for one 90-minute session (synchronous)


Non-Synchronous Email Session Rates

Non-Synchronous email sessions are billed according to the total number of email exchanges.



  • One email exchange is: one email generated by the client that is sent to the counselor and one counselor response to that email sent to the client.
  • One “week” is: a series of 5 consecutive business days. CREARTH is typically not open Sundays and Mondays and does not schedule appointments these days, unless by special arrangement between client and counselor.
  • Synchronous means: the client and therapist are emailing and responding at the same time of day on the same day.
  • Non-synchronous means: the client and therapist are not emailing and responding at the same time of day on the same day.


Clients who wish to have non-synchronous email sessions can choose to pay in advance or to pay at the time of service for a specific number of email exchanges.


Non-Synchronous Email Session Rates

Non-synchronous email sessions can be ordered one at a time or in Bundles. Sessions purchased as Bundles can be carried over for up to 6 months.


  • One Email Exchange – $30
  • Bundle A – $120 (5 email exchanges)
  • Bundle B – $160 (7 email exchanges)


Clients can order up to 3 individual Bundles per week—for example, 3 of Bundle A or 3 of Bundle B—or in combinations (such as, 1 of Bundle A and 2 of Bundle B.)


The typical response time to non-synchronous, client-generated email exchanges is within 2 to 3 business days during regular business hours or according to special scheduling arrangements between client and therapist.


Email sessions are not for emergency situations.



We do not currently bill insurance companies. However, we can provide receipts for services for a client to submit to an insurance company for possible reimbursement. Some types of insurance plans do cover varying portions of treatment costs in this way. Creative Arts Therapy & Integrative Care cannot guarantee that any client will be reimbursed by their insurance company for treatment costs.


Contact us to discuss reduced rates and need-based payment options.



If you need to cancel a scheduled session, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Clients may be charged a fee up to the full session price for a missed or cancelled session if less than 24 hours advance notice is provided.


Notification of the cancellation of an appointment by clients is not considered an email exchange. Clients are never billed for cancellation and rescheduling communications.


Contact us:

NOTE: Prices subject to change without notice. Website reflects most current rates. All amounts are U.S. dollars (USD).


Creative Arts Therapy & Integrative Care responds to mail, emails, voicemail messages as quickly as possible, typically within two to three business days.




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