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The therapeutic relationship and therapeutic environment have often been described by professionals in the field as “a safe container.” The imagery here is of the clinician literally creating in their office space during each and every fifty-minute hour a safe “place” within which the client can explore, feel, work, share.


Through the creative arts and the creative arts in therapy, I have come to understand that we don’t “create a safe container.” The client is the container. We are—all of us—containers. We fill ourselves, through the daily events of our lives, with joy, sadness, compassion, anger, hope, longing, love. We live our days. Things happen that make us weep, laugh, cringe. We fill and fill and fill until there’s no more room inside. Sometimes we are so full, the emotions are so intense or confusing, we look for support. We need a witness to our journey.


The power of the arts to heal is tremendous. Through music, the natural environment, writing, drama, literature, the visual arts, culinary arts, dance, movement, and more we are able to own and feel the depths of pain, loss, outrage, separation, the joy of the morning, the hope for tomorrow.


The creative arts in therapy gives voice to the unutterable, helps us embrace what we cannot change and through its touch shows us everything we can, everything we are.


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