Creative Arts Therapy


What are Expressive & Creative Arts Therapies?

Expressive Therapy and Creative Arts Therapy are both multimodal approaches to therapy. Clients are encouraged to explore and process their thinking, emotions, reactions, insights, and experiences through the visual arts, music and sound, writing, literature, poetry, the natural environment, movement, body-mind-spirit, and other arts areas.


What’s the difference between Expressive Therapy & Creative Arts Therapy?

In Expressive Therapy, the therapist does not need to have any formal training or a degree as an artist in an arts area. An Expressive Therapist, for example, may have a degree in psychology, counseling, or social work and have studied how to use various arts areas within a clinical practice. The focus, in Expressive Therapy, is on the process not the product—not the created artwork.


In Creative Arts Therapy, the therapist has had formal training as an artist in a creative arts area as well as formal training in psychology, counseling, or social work. A Creative Arts Therapist, for example, may have formal training and a degree as a visual artist or as a writer, and also as a psychologist. The focus, in Creative Arts Therapy, is equally on the therapeutic process as well as the created artwork.


Session Format

Some of our clients prefer focusing on more traditional talk therapy within their creative arts therapy sessions. Others opt for a stronger focus on creative arts therapy. Most clients, however, like to work using a combination. It is always the client’s choice.


Creative Arts Areas

We support our clients using multiple modalities in response to each person’s individual needs.


Creative arts areas include music and sound, painting and the visual arts, dance and movement, yoga, mindfulness, cooking and culinary arts, gardening and horticulture arts, language arts and the written and spoken word.


Session Options

Support services are offered via email, video, telephone, and in combinations. Many clients, especially those who are elderly or living with chronic illness, can have difficulty accessing care and support services. Offering alternatives to the traditional in-person model makes counseling, therapy, and support more accessible. We also offer sessions in the evenings and on weekends to accommodate busy schedules.



Visit our Ambient Soundscapes & Library where you can listen to and download guided meditations, sounds of nature, mindfulness teachings, world music, & more.


Read & Download the REAT Code of Ethics of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA)



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