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Guided Meditations


6-Minute for Deep Relaxation  | download


10-Minute for Inner Peace  |  download


60-Minute for Sleep  |  download


Thich Nhat Hanh: Learn how to Meditate  |  download


Plum Village: Conscious Breathing (8 minutes)  |  download


Thich Nhat Hanh: Calm/Ease  |  download


Thich Nhat Hanh: Deep Blissful Meditation  |  download


Thich Nhat Hanh: The Great Bell Chant  |  download


Thich Nhat Hanh: Flower-Mountain-Water-Space  |  download


Plum Village:  Love to the Body  |  download



Moving & Motion


Chair Yoga Stretch with Caroline Jordan – 25 minutes:


More Yoga with Caroline Jordan!


Tae Bo Live Basic!


Sweatin’ to the Oldies & More!


Thich Nhat Hanh & Plum Village – Mindful Movements:



Mindfulness Teachings




The Miracle of Mindfulness, by Thich Nhat Hanh (audiobook)  |  download


The Art of Communicating, by Thich Nhat Hanh (audiobook)  |  download





Thich Nhat Hanh: Intro to Mindfulness/Tranquility  |  download


Thich Nhat Hanh:  A Cloud Never Dies  |  download


Thich Nhat Hanh:  How to Let Anger Out  |  download


Thich Nhat Hanh: The Art of Being Peace  |  download


Thich Nhat Hanh: Learning to Love Ourselves  |  download


Thich Nhat Hanh: Mindfulness in Relationships  |  download


Thich Nhat Hanh:  On Loneliness  |  download


Thich Nhat Hanh:  Letting Go  |  download


Thich Nhat Hanh: Life at Every Breath  |  download





  • 5 Practices for Nurturing Happiness (2018)  |  download
  • Be Beautiful: Be Yourself (2016)  |  download
  • Five Mindfulness Trainings (2017)  |  download
  • Growing Together (2017)  |  download
  • Happiness in Every Breath (2011)  |  download
  • How to Sit (2016)  |  download
  • The Moment is Perfect (2008)  |  download
  • The Path is Peace (2004)  |  download
  • The Practice of Mindfulness (2017)  |  download
  • Walking Meditation (2018)  |  download



Sounds of Nature


African Water Drums  |  download


Bamboo Forest in the Wind  |  download


Bird Song |  download


Bird Song 2  |  download


Blizzard  |  download


Cat Purring  |  download


City Traffic (not blaring)  |  download


Fire Burning  |  download


Fire Burning: Campfire by a Lake  |  download


Fire Burning: Fireplace  |  download


Heartbeat  |  download


Heartbeat (with white noise in background)  |  download


Ocean Surf  |  download


Ocean: Peaceful Sounds  |  download


Ocean: Relaxing Waves  |  download


Rain in the Forest  |  download


Rain: Gentle at Night  |  download


Rain: Heavy with Rolling Thunder  | download


Rain: Soothing  |  download


Rain: Thunderstorm  |  download


Rain: Thunderstorm & Crackling Fireplace  |  download


Soft White Noise  |  download


Tibetan Bowls  |  download


Tropical Rain Forest  |  download


Whales & Dolphins  |  download


Wind Chimes  |  download


Wind Chimes (giant-sized chimes with a deeper tone)  |  download


Wind Chimes & Autumn Leaves  |  download


Wind Chimes in a Gentle Breeze  |  download


Wind: Steady & Strong  |  download



Hearts of Space


Anjali (contemporary Indian soundscapes)  |  download


Cello Deeps  |  download


Color of Time (contemplative organ and electronics)  |  download


Cruising to the Sea of Glass  |  download


Darktime Lullabies (Australian didgeridoo)  |  download


Earth, Moon, and Stars  |  download


East of the Night II (timeless world of Indian music)  |  download


Exile (tribute to the music & spirit of Tibet)  |  download


Falling Dark IV (ambient journey for early autumn)  |  download


Gamelan (ambient electronics meets music of Bali & Java)  |  download


Hearth & Home (gentle sounds of Tibetan folk music)  |  download


Infinite Guitars (the cosmic twang of infinite guitars)  |  download


Lullaby for the Hearts of Space (Kevin Braheny)  |  download


Land of Snows  |  download


Love & Destiny (medieval space music)  |  download


Metallica (a wintry excursion for resonant percussion)  |  download


Nightnoise (celtic)  |  download


Nordic Flight (crystalline passionate arctic space jazz)  |  download


Per Trance to Dream (recent trance journeys) |  download


Perchance to Chill (electronics for summer)  |  download


Pianissimo (contemplative journey for piano)  |  download


Renewal (the growing edge of Native American music)  |  download


Restraint (subtle, lyrical Nordic space jazz)  |  download


Whales Alive  |  download


Winter on the Wind (deep & clear, warm & floating)  |  download


Click/Tap here for more Hearts of Space



World Music (& more)


Acoustic Arabia  |  download


Acoustic Brazil  |  download


Acoustic France  |  download


Bluegrass  |  download


Cape Verde  |  download


Gypsy Groove  |  download


Japanese Melodies – Yo-Yo Ma  |  download


Mali  |  download


Music from the Tea Lands  |  download


Playing for Change: Stand by Me (Songs Around the World)   |  audio   |  about Songs Around the World  |  video  |  website


Women of Jazz  |  download


Women of Spirit  |  download


World Music II (instrumental collection)  |  download


World Playground  |  download


Click/Tap here for more world music





Chick Corea Acoustic Band  |  download


Chick Corea Children’s Songs  |  download


Michael Franks – Sleeping Gypsy  |  download


Michael Franks – The Art of Tea  |  download


Nina Simone – Compact Jazz  |  download


Oscar Peterson Trio – A Jazz Portrait of Frank Sinatra  |  download


Stan Kenton – Remote from the Palladium (11/27/1945)  |  download


Soul of the Tango: The Music of Astor Piazzolla (Yo-Yo Ma)  |  download


Tony Bennett – Moonlight in Vermont  |  download


Vince Guaraldi – Jazz Impressions  |  download


Yo-Yo Ma (with Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile) – The Goat Rodeo Sessions  |  download





Billie Holiday – Blue Billie  |  download


Little Walter – Sad Hours  |  download


Nina Simone – The Blues  |  download


Norah Jones – Live at the House of Blues, Chicago  |  download


Peggy Lee – Sings the Blues  |  download





Bach – Cello Suite #2 in D minor (Yo-Yo Ma)  |  download


Bach – Cello Suite #6 in D major (Yo-Yo Ma)  |  download


Bach – Cello Suite #1 in G (Mischa Maisky)  |  download


Butterfly Lovers ErHu Concert (Liang Zhu conductor, Hsinchu Youth Orchestra, Taiwan)  |  download


Dance of the Golden Snake (Hsinchu Youth Orchestra, Yan Huichang conductor)  |  download


Liang Zhu Violin Concerto (Lu Siqing violin, Yomiuri Japanese Symphony Orchestra, Jian Wenbin conductor)  |  download


Mozart – Clarinet Concerto in A major (Iceland Symphony Orchestra)  |  download


Telemann – Oboe Sonatas  |  download


Yo-Yo Ma – Cello Suites Inspired by Bach  |  download


Yo-Yo Ma – Great Cello Concertos  |  download



Big Bands & Swing


Artie Shaw – Best of Live Broadcasts 1939-1943  |  download


Benny Goodman – For the Record (7/31/1944)  |  download


Billie Holliday – Lady Sings the Blues  |  download


Count Basie & Ella Fitzgerald – Sunny Side of the Street  |  download


Dean Martin – All Time Greatest Hits  |  download


Duke Ellington – Duke Ellington meets Count Basie  |  download


Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – Best of (1956-1957)  |  download


Frank Sinatra – Capitol Collectors 1953  |  download


Nat King Cole – The Unforgettable Nat King Cole  |  download


Stan Kenton – Remote from the Palladium (11/27/1945)  |  download


Tommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra – The Song is You  |  download


Willie Nelson – Stardust  |  download



Native American


R. Carlos Nakai – Feather, Stone & Light (with William Eaton & Will Chapman)  |  download


R. Carlos Nakai – Inner Voices  |  download


R. Carlos Nakai – Song for Humanity (with Peter Kater)  |  download


R. Carlos Nakai – Sundance Season  |  download


Under the Green Corn Moon – Native American Lullabies  |  download



Throat Singing


Alex Kuular explains the sounds of Tuvan (Mongolian) throat singing:

Alex Kuular – youtube  |  website  |  facebook


Kuular – Rolling in the Deep  |  download  watch the video


Kuular – Summertime  |  download


Kuular – I Live for You  |  download



Tanya Tagaq explains how to make the sounds of Inuit throat singing:

Tanya Tagaq – youtube  |  website  |  facebook


Buffy Saint-Marie & Tanya Tagaq – You got to Run (Spirit of the Wind)  |  download  watch the video


Kronos Quartet & Tanya Tagaq – Nunavut  |  download


Tanya Tagaq & the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (with Christine Duncan, Jean Martin Qiksaaktuq, Andre de Ridder)  |  download



Throat Singing from Different Continents (an Alex Kuular video):



Bug Music


David Rothenberg – youtube  |  website  |  vimeo


The Serpentine Way  |  download


Final Creatures  |  download



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